Building resilience and self-esteem for tamariki

Our FABulous Tamariki Programme is an 8 week group programme held one morning per week. The programme is designed for 7-12 year olds to help build resilience, self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength. Tamariki explore their identity using pepeha and whakapapa to gain a sense of belonging as well as build and enhance connectedness. Tamariki will learn about communication, safely managing emotions, goal setting, team building, actions and consequences and making positive choices for the future. The programme provides activities that allow them to experience new challenges and overcome fear, develop hand-eye coordination, build trust and relationships, and learn about working as a team. A number of activities like Indoor Rock Climbing, Animal farm experience and the Rotorua Gondola and Luge are included in the programme curriculum as they provide opportunities to learn while having fun.   

Tamariki Programme Feedback


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